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Kisha L Cephus Ministries

Engage, Equip & Excel: Kingdom Influence Ignited - The Ultimate Mentorship Experience (KLCM’s Mentorship)

Engage, Equip & Excel: Kingdom Influence Ignited - The Ultimate Mentorship Experience (KLCM’s Mentorship)

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Concept: "Engage, Equip, and Excel" In-Person Mentorship 2-Day Meeting

Focus Targets: Engage Your Passions, Equip Your Skills, and Excel in The Breakout Season Mentorship Empowerment.

Objective: The objective of this in-person mentorship meeting is to provide practical guidance and support to individuals seeking to deepen their faith in God, develop their spiritual gifts, and enhance their personal and professional growth. The meeting aims to equip attendees with valuable knowledge, strategies, and insights to excel in various aspects of life, including their relationship with God, marketplace ministry, financial stewardship, and spiritual warfare.

Purpose and Benefits:

1. Faith That Move Mountains: Embark on a transformative journey to deepen faith in God, learn practical tools and biblical principles to overcome obstacles, embrace divine guidance, and achieve breakthroughs personally and professionally.

2. God's Intercessors, Prophets, and Battle Axes in the Church: Explore the roles and responsibilities of intercessors, prophets, and battle axes in the context of the church and learn practical ways to exercise these gifts effectively.

3. Soul Work: Discover the importance of inner healing and personal growth, as well as practical tools for navigating emotional and spiritual challenges.

4. Spiritual Warfare Strategies: Equip attendees with strategies to engage in effective spiritual warfare, empowering them to stand strong against the enemy's attacks.

5. Marketplace Ministry: Explore the concept of marketplaceministry and learn how to integrate faith into professional life, become a catalyst for positive change, and impact the world for Christ.

6. Budgeting and Investments: Provide practical guidance on budgeting, financial stewardship, and investment strategies to enable attendees to thrive and become good stewards of their resources.

7. Maximizing Impact- Business Marketing Strategies for Growth: The purpose of Business Marketing Strategies, including branding, graphics, targeted audience, and pricing, is to increase brand awareness, attract attention, engage with a specific target audience, and maximize profitability and competitiveness in the market.

Schedule and Topics:

Thursday - March 21, 2024

Registration and Welcome: 9:00 Am 9:30 Am

Session 1: Faith in God: 9:30 Am 10:15 Am

Break: 10:15 Am - 10:30 Am

Session 2: God's Intercessors, Prophets, and Battle Axes in the Church: 10:30 Am 11:15 Pm:

Lunch Break: 11:15 Pm  12:15 Pm

Session 3: Soul Work – Inner Healing & Spiritual Growth: 12:15 Pm  1:30 Pm

Session 4: Spiritual Warfare Strategies: 1:30 Pm  2:30 Pm

Mass Deliverance - Break Free & Be Renewed: 2:30 Pm - 3:30 Pm

Q &A Panel Session: Summarizing and Addressing Questions Mentees: 3:30 Pm - 4:15 Pm

 Schedule & Topics

Friday - March 22, 2024

Session 5: God’s Agents of Change – Transforming Industries Through Marketplace Ministry: 9:00 Am 10:00 Am

Session 6: Maximizing Impact- Business Marketing Strategies for Growth: Branding, Graphics, Targeted Audience& Pricing 10:00 Am – 11:00 Pm

Break: 11:00 Am 11:15 Am

Session 7: Budgeting and Investments: 11:15 Am 12:15 Pm

Lunch Break: 12:15 Pm  1:15 Pm

Prophetic Release - One-On-One Ministry: 1:15 Pm - 2:15 Pm

Group Activities: 2:15 Pm 4:00 Pm

Faith in God: Engage in small group discussions and personal reflection exercises to deepen understanding and application of faith principles.
God's Intercessors, Prophets, and Battle Axes in the Church: Participate in group role-playing scenarios and interactive exercises to practice and develop spiritual gifts in a supportive environment.
Soul Work: Engage in guided journaling, sharing circles, and group activities to foster emotional healing and personal growth.
Spiritual Warfare Strategies: Collaborate in group exercises and case studies to develop and refine spiritual warfare strategies.

Q & A Sessions

Dinner & Fellowship

Saturday - March 23, 2024

Dinner & Fellowship - Allowing for Informal Networking, Sharing Experiences, and Further Discussion: 5:00 Pm 9:00 Pm

Dress Code: Casual Chic

For Women: Embrace effortless sophistication with stylish yet relaxed attire. Opt for flowy silhouettes, trendy separates, and chic accessories that strike the perfect balance between comfort and elegance.

For Men: Elevate your casual look with smart and refined choices. Incorporate jeans, trousers, or shorts into your outfit, paired with tailored shirts, polished loafers, or contemporary sneakers, and modern accents for a dapper and fashion-forward style.

Please Note:  The 2-day in-person meeting will take place in the vibrant city of Dallas, Texas surrounding area. The specific hosting site will be revealed after registration closes, allowing us to secure enough space and create an intimate and exceptional mentorship environment.

Added Note: The price for the mentorship meeting does not include lodging, flights, or additional meals outside of the provided lunches and Saturday night dinner.

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