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Kisha L Cephus Ministries

Pray That Through: A Warfare Prayer Manual for God's Intercessors, Prophets, & Battle Axes.

Pray That Through: A Warfare Prayer Manual for God's Intercessors, Prophets, & Battle Axes.

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In "Pray That Through: A Warfare Prayer Manual for God’s Intercessors, Prophets, and Battle Axes," author Prophetess Kisha L. Cephus presents a revised (paperback) edition of this powerful resource. With an updated cover design and two additional chapters, this edition is packed with even more valuable insights and practical guidance.

Embark on a journey that entails:

- Understanding the Role of God’s Intercessors, Prophets & Battle Axes

- Unleashing the Power of Prayer and Fasting

- Embracing the Purpose of Prophetic Intercession

- Empowering Teams and Inspiring Results through Corporate Prayer

- Equipping Yourself with Spiritual Warfare Strategies

- Words of Encouragement & Prayers for the Readers

- And Much More!

Drawing from years of personal experience and a deep commitment to developing a thriving corporate prayer environment, Prophetess Kisha L. Cephus equips readers with the essential tools for effective intercession. Each chapter is enriched with expanded information, a word of encouragement, and a heartfelt prayer specially crafted for the reader.

As an experienced leader and trainer of thousands of intercessors worldwide, Prophetess Kisha L. Cephus guides readers on a journey of personal growth in their prayer lives. Emphasizing the importance of foundational principles and a fervent prayer life, this book encourages intercessors, prophets, and battle axes to exceed their own expectations and unlock the full potential of their ministry.

Whether you are just beginning your journey as an intercessor or seeking to deepen your understanding of spiritual warfare, "Pray That Through" serves as an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to make a profound impact through the power of prayer.

Additionally, Prophetess Kisha L. Cephus has personally taught countless individuals how to cultivate a strong personal prayer life. Recognizing the significance of an intimate connection with God, Prophetess Kisha L. Cephus provides practical guidance and actionable steps for individuals seeking to strengthen their personal prayer life.

With Prophetess Kisha L. Cephus' expertise and compassionate approach, readers will discover how to develop a consistent and meaningful prayer routine that aligns with their unique journey and spiritual growth. Through the pages of "Pray That Through," Prophetess Kisha L. Cephus empowers readers to not only excel in corporate intercession but also to unlock the transformative power of personal communion with God.

Embrace the teachings and wisdom shared within these pages, and embark on a journey of spiritual growth as you dive deeper into the realm of intercession and personal prayer life. "Pray That Through" is your comprehensive guide to becoming a powerful and effective intercessor, prophet, or battle axe in the Kingdom of God.

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