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Kisha L Cephus Ministries

SOUL WORK: The Crushing Mentorship Program - 6 Weeks

SOUL WORK: The Crushing Mentorship Program - 6 Weeks

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Our soul is designed by God to integrate and enliven all aspects of your person – spiritual, psychological, and physical – into one unifying personality or flow of being that runs almost on its own. This is why the Psalmist often talks to his soul in the second person, often saying things like, “For God alone my soul waits in silence; from Him comes my salvation.” (Psalm 62:1, 5).

To understand our soul, it’s helpful to contrast it functionally with our spirit. Our spirit or heart is like the CEO of our personality that makes decisions and directs activity by working in tandem with the mind. In contrast the soul is like the computer that runs the whole operation of our life. It’s in the background making everything work well together. Like a computer that’s running a church or business, we don’t normally think about our soul — until it’s not working!

Indeed, when our soul is damaged or broken (nonfunctioning) it is a problem that needs careful attention! That’s why we need all kinds of this is why “The Crushing Mentorship Program” is perfect for those who no longer want to function in dysfunction when it comes to soul. It’s time to do some work and the time is now. God cares about the condition of your soul.


Location: Zoom Live Meeting 

Time: Course can be accessed at any time.


Course Topics

Session One: Submission to God (Soul Shepherding)

Session Two: No More Suffering in Silence

Session Three: Overcoming the Pain of Rejection

Session Four: No More Distraction & Excuses

Session Five: Understanding & Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties

Session Six: Iron Sharpens Iron (A Principle of Being in the Right Relationships)

BONUS- Session 7: Deliverance from the Sins of the Mouth with Notes

Materials Needed: Bible, Journal & Pen - For Notes & Homework Assignment



The Crushing Mentorship Program Includes 

 6 Weeks Online Live Video Teachings & Trainings

Weekly Topics: 
Each course is structured around a series of weekly topics, carefully curated to provide a balanced and progressive learning experience. These topics cover a wide range of aspects related to prayer and spiritual development, enabling you to delve into various areas of study and contemplation.

Reflection Points: Throughout the course, you'll encounter reflection points that encourage you to pause and internalize the lessons shared. These moments of introspection allow you to connect with the teachings on a personal level, fostering deep self-reflection and growth.

Definitions: To ensure clarity and understanding, key terms and concepts are clearly defined within the course material. This will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the language and vocabulary, enabling you to communicate and engage in meaningful discussions.

Supporting Scriptures to Build Your Prayer Vocabulary: As you progress through the course, you'll encounter a collection of carefully selected scriptures that serve as a foundation for building your prayer vocabulary. These verses provide further insights into the biblical principles, providing guidance and inspiration as you nurture your prayer life.

Biblical Principles You Can Make Applicable to Your Everyday Life: Our courses go beyond theoretical knowledge by offering practical applications of biblical principles to your daily life. By exploring how these principles can be integrated into various aspects of your routine, you'll discover new ways to live out your faith and experience the transformative power of prayer.

Homework Assignments: To foster active learning and ensure practical implementation, each course includes thought-provoking and engaging homework assignments. These assignments allow you to apply the concepts learned, providing you with an opportunity to deepen your understanding and make meaningful connections between theoretical knowledge and real-life experiences.

Lifetime Replays: We understand that life can be unpredictable, and sometimes, circumstances prevent immediate participation. That's why our courses offer lifetime replays, allowing you to revisit the content at your convenience. Whether you need a refresher or wish to reinforce your understanding, the option to access course materials whenever you need ensures that the learning experience remains flexible and accessible.

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