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Kisha L Cephus Ministries

KLCM Mentorship One-On-One Sessions - “Empowering You to Thrive, One Session at a Time”

KLCM Mentorship One-On-One Sessions - “Empowering You to Thrive, One Session at a Time”

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KLCM Mentorship One-On-One Sessions 

Empowering You to Thrive, One Session at a Time”

What's in it for You?

* 4 Weekly 90min Live Sessions

* One-On-One Soul Work (You Need a Bible, Journal & Pen)

* Hard Conversation About the Past, Present & Future

* Counseling & Book Recommendations

* A Plan of Action to Established for the Next 6 Months of Life

* Q&A via Live Zoom Meeting

* Assigned Homework

*Zoom Replay of the One-On-One Session Included

*Investment Payment Plan Available

The purpose and benefits of investing in the KLCM Mentorship One-On-One Sessions based on biblical principles are as follows:

1. Spiritual Growth: The mentorship sessions are designed to help individuals grow spiritually by incorporating biblical principles into their lives. Through one-on-one soul work, participants will explore the teachings of the Bible and learn how to apply them to their daily lives.

2. Personal Guidance: The sessions offer personalized guidance and support for individuals. Participants will have the opportunity to have hard conversations about their past, present, and future, allowing them to gain clarity, heal from past wounds, and set meaningful goals for their future.

3. Counseling and Book Recommendations: The mentorship sessions include counseling to provide individuals with emotional support and guidance. Additionally, participants will receive book recommendations that align with biblical principles to further enhance their personal growth and understanding.

4. Action Plan for Life: The mentorship sessions aim to help individuals establish a clear plan of action for the next six months of their lives. This plan will be based on biblical principles and will provide practical steps for individuals to implement in various areas of their lives, such as relationships, career, and personal development.

5. Q&A and Homework: Participants will have the opportunity to engage in live Q&A sessions via Zoom, where they can ask questions and receive personalized guidance from the mentor. Additionally, assigned homework will further deepen their understanding and application of the principles discussed during the sessions.

6. Zoom Replay and Payment Plan: The mentorship sessions offer the benefit of Zoom replays, allowing participants to revisit the sessions and reinforce their learning. Furthermore, a payment plan is available to make the investment more accessible and manageable for individuals.

By investing in the KLCM Mentorship One-On-One Sessions, individuals can experience spiritual growth, personal guidance, counseling, and practical action steps based on biblical principles. They will also have the opportunity to engage in Q&A sessions, receive book recommendations, and access Zoom replays. With limited slots available, this is an opportunity for individuals to invest in their personal and spiritual development.


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